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dkrm is a multi-functional application server built with modularity in mind and a focus on enhancing the security of your infrastructure.

The aim of dkrm is to enable individuals and SMBs to implement enterprise-grade security features such as Two Factor Authentication on their networks without the complexity or budgetary requirements of similar commercial solutions.

Codename: Cerberus

dkrm::auth, the Two Factor Authentication bundle for dkrm, provides authentication server functionality and a central location from which to manage users, devices and access control. Codenamed Cerberus, dkrm::auth is fully compatible with Google Authenticator and enables users to enroll themselves in 2FA and manage their account status via a self-service portal.

dkrm together with dkrm::auth is designed to increase security in remote access solutions for SMBs where traditional Two Factor Authentication methods are not cost-effective, without the need for additional authentication servers.

Along with our custom Windows Credential Provider (Windows 7, Server 2008 R2), dkrm::auth acts as a complete, centrally managed Two Factor Authentication solution for both local and hosted RDS environments. The Credential Provider can also be used in standalone mode (without the dkrm server) to provide Two Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator, offering improved security for single-user environments.